Dulani Woods

Codirector, Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis; Data Scientist


M.S. in agricultural economics, Purdue University; B.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering, U.S. Coast Guard Academy; B.S. in mechanical engineering, U.S. Coast Guard Academy


Dulani Woods is a data scientist at the RAND Corporation and codirector of the RAND Center for Scalable Computing and Analysis. He is adept at data acquisition, transformation, visualization, modeling, simulation, optimization, and other methods.

Woods has worked on policy related research efforts in multiple domains, with a primary focus on justice and homeland security. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications in journals on a wide variety of topics. His RAND projects have included using the Delphi method with expert focus groups to identify technology needs and solutions for criminal justice practitioners (law enforcement, courts, and corrections) as well as other justice, homeland security and defense audiences.

Woods specializes in maintaining and operating simulation models and has developed or maintained models designed to estimate potential policy impacts on alcohol consumption, justice outcomes, COVID and flu vaccination behavior, defense logistics, Coast Guard mission execution, and health insurance costs. He also has significant expertise at examining benefit, cost, performance, and risk tradeoffs for clients including the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Defense, and the U.S. Forest Service (firefighting aircraft). He served for 10 years as a Coast Guard Officer on afloat and ashore assignments. He also served for two years as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Georgia. He holds an M.S. in agricultural economics (applied economics) from Purdue University, a B.S. in mechanical engineering, and a B.S. in naval architecture and marine engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

Selected Publications

Woods, Dulani, John S. Hollywood, Jeremy D. Barnum, Danielle Fenimore, Michael J. D. Vermeer, and Brian A. Jackson, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Needs for Law Enforcement, RAND Corporation (RR-A108-17), 2023

Jackson, Brian A., Michael J. D. Vermeer, Dulani Woods, Duren Banks, Sean E. Goodison, Joe Russo, Jeremy D. Barnum, Camille Gourdet, Lynn Langton, Michael G. Planty, Shoshana R. Shelton, Siara I. Sitar, and Amanda R. Witwer, How the Criminal Justice System's COVID-19 Response Has Provided Valuable Lessons for Broader Reform: Looking to the Future, RAND Corporation (RB-108-6), 2021

Wirth, Anna Jean, Dulani Woods, Katherine Anania, Gary Cecchine, and Debra Knopman, Developing the Great Lakes National Center of Expertise for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response: An Opportunity to Reduce Risk and Impacts of Future Spills in Freshwater, RAND Corporation (RR-1222), 2021

Bushway, Shawn D., Dulani Woods, Denis Agniel, and David M. Adamson, Small Businesses, Criminal Histories, and the Paycheck Protection Program, RAND Corporation (RR-1295-1), 2021

Eckhause, Jeremy M., David T. Orletsky, Aaron C. Davenport, Mel Eisman, Raza Khan, Jonathan Theel, Marc Thibault, Dulani Woods, and Michelle D. Ziegler, Meeting U.S. Coast Guard Airpower Needs: Assessing the Options, RAND Corporation (RR-3179), 2020

Savitz, Scott, Henry H. Willis, Aaron C. Davenport, Martina Melliand, William Sasser, Elizabeth Tencza, and Dulani Woods, Enhancing U.S. Coast Guard Metrics, RAND Corporation (RR-1173), 2015

Jackson, Brian A. and Dulani Woods, Interactive Tool for Ranking Digital Evidence Needs, RAND Corporation (TL-175), 2015

Keating, Edward G., Andrew R. Morral, Carter C. Price, Dulani Woods, Daniel M. Norton, Christina Panis, Evan Saltzman, and Ricardo Sanchez, Air Attack Against Wildfires: Understanding U.S. Forest Service Requirements for Large Aircraft, RAND Corporation (MG-1234), 2012




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