RAND research on homelessness — as distinct from research on homeless populations — examines the challenges leading to or arising from it. These challenges can include mental illness, economic loss, substance abuse, and deteriorating physical health and lack of access to health care.

  • Mobile Technology


    Mobile Technology: A Tool for Alleviating Homelessness

    Nov 19, 2020

    RAND senior behavioral scientist Sarah Hunter explains how policy could help improve the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness by providing increased access to mobile technology.

  • Officer Jose Ibarra and clinical therapist Cynthia Ferreiro (far left) assist a man in Indio, California, photo courtesy of Indio Police Department


    Rethinking How Police Respond to Homelessness

    Mar 4, 2021

    Around one-fifth of people experiencing homelessness have a severe mental health disorder. Almost as many have a substance-use disorder. Police need better policies and community partnerships to help make their response to homelessness safer, more humane, and more effective.

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