Edward W. Chan

Senior Operations Researcher
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in operations research, Cornell University


Edward W. Chan is an operations researcher at the RAND Corporation with a background in mathematical modeling, simulation, and optimization. Chan's research has focused on the intersection of logistics problems with homeland security, public health and emergency preparedness problems.  He has conducted vulnerability analyses on aviation and maritime security, personnel screening processes, and election infrastructure cybersecurity. He has developed performance measures in the areas of public health, hospital preparedness, and homeland security. He has conducted studies on military medical care including planning expeditionary care and aeromedical evacuation, and examining options for maintaining clinical currency. Chan earned his Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and Ph.D. in operations research from Cornell University.

Selected Publications

Jackson BA, Chan EW, LaTourrette T, "Assessing the Security Benefits of a Trusted Traveler Program in the Presence of Attempted Attacker Exploitation and Compromise," Journal of Transportation Security, 5, 2012

Nelson CD, Chan EW, Chandra A, Sorensen P, Willis HH, Dulin S, Leuschner K, "Developing National Standards for Public Health Emergency Preparedness with a Limited Evidence Base," Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 4, 2010

Nelson CD, Willis HH, Chan EW, Shelton SR, Parker AM, "Federal Initiative Increases Community Preparedness for Public Health Emergencies," Health Affairs, 2010

Jackson BA, LaTourrette T, Chan EW, Lundberg R, Morral AR, Frelinger D, Efficient Aviation Security: Strengthening the Analytic Foundation for Making Air Transportation Security Decisions, RAND Corporation (MG-1220-RC), 2012

Chan EW, Krull H, Lachman BE, LaTourrette T, Costello R, Snyder D, Amouzegar MA, Ritschard HV, Guermonprez S, Improving Joint Expeditionary Medical Planning Based on a Patient Flow Approach, RAND Corporation (TR-1003-AF), 2012

Nelson CD, Chan EW, Fan CD, Lotstein D, Caldarone LB, Shelton SR, Maletic AL, Parker AM, Felton A, Pomeroy A, Sloss EM, New Tools for Assessing State and Local Capabilities for Countermeasure Delivery, RAND Corporation (TR-665-DHHS), 2009

Chan EW, Fan CE, Lewis MW, King K, Dreyer P, Nelson CD, The RSS-POD Supply Chain Management Game: An Exercise for Improving the Inventory Management and Distribution of Medical Countermeasures, RAND Corporation (WR-661-DHHS), 2009

Peltz E, Cox A, Chan EW, Hart GE, Sommerhauser D, Hawkins C , Connor KL, Improving DLA Supply Chain Agility: Lead Times, Order Quantities, and Information Flow, RAND Corporation (RR-822-OSD), 2014


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