Mark Cozad

Mark Cozad

Senior International Defense Researcher; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School

Mark Cozad is a senior international defense researcher at RAND and professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Cozad's work at RAND focuses primarily on military and security issues in Europe and East Asia, including major power competition, the development of operational concepts among major militaries, and foreign military lessons learned. He also leads long-term research efforts examining Chinese and Russian military strategy and doctrine, operational planning, and concepts of operation.  Cozad's long-term research interests include military capabilities analysis, strategic warning, deterrence, and deception. 


M.A. in history, George Mason University; M.S. in strategic intelligence, Defense Intelligence College; B.S. in political science, U.S. Air Force Academy

Selected Work

  • Cozad, Mark, Jeffrey Engstrom, Scott W. Harold, Timothy R. Heath, Sale Lilly, Edmund J. Burke, Julia Brackup, and Derek Grossman, Gaining Victory in Systems Warfare: China's Perspective on the U.S.-China Military Balance, RAND Corporation (RR-A1535-1), 2023
  • Cozad, Mark, Keith Gierlack, Cortez A. Cooper III, Susan G. Straus, Sale Lilly, Stephanie Anne Pillion, and Kelly Elizabeth Eusebi, Preparing for Great Power Conflict: How Experience Shapes U.S. and Chinese Military Training, RAND Corporation (RR-A1554-1), 2023
  • Cozad, Mark, Maria McCollester, Jonathan Welch, and Matthew Fay, Rethinking Jointness? The Strategic Value of Jointness in Major Power Competition and Conflict, RAND Corporation (RR-A1560-1), 2023
  • Frederick, Bryan, Mark Cozad, and Alexandra Stark, Escalation in the War in Ukraine: Lessons Learned and Risks for the Future, RAND Corporation (RR-A2807-1), 2023
  • Cozad, Mark, Cortez A. Cooper III, Alexis A. Blanc, David Woodworth, Anthony Atler, Kotryna Jukneviciute, Mark Hvizda, and Sale Lilly, Future Scenarios for Sino-Russian Military Cooperation: Possibilities, Limitations, and Consequences, RAND Corporation (RR-A2061-5), 2024
  • Burke, Edmund J., Kristen Gunness, Cortez A. Cooper III, and Mark Cozad, People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts, RAND Corporation (RR-A394-1), 2020
  • Reach, Clint, Vikram Kilambi, and Mark Cozad, Russian Assessments and Applications of the Correlation of Forces and Means, RAND Corporation (RR-4235-OSD), 2020
  • Heginbotham, Eric, Michael S. Chase, Jacob L. Heim, Bonny Lin, Mark Cozad, Lyle J. Morris, Christopher P. Twomey, Forrest E. Morgan, Michael Nixon, Cristina L. Garafola, and Samuel K. Berkowitz, China's Evolving Nuclear Deterrent: Major Drivers and Issues for the United States, RAND Corporation (RR-1628-AF), 2017

Authored by Mark Cozad

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