Mark R. Cozad

Photo of Mark Cozad
Senior International Defense Policy Analyst; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Washington Office


M.S. in strategic intelligence, Defense Intelligence College; M.S. in history, George Mason University; B.S. in political science, U.S. Air Force Academy


Mark Cozad is a senior international defense research analyst at RAND and a professor at Pardee RAND Graduate School. Previously, he served in both the military and intelligence community in a variety of areas including intelligence analysis, targeting, operational planning, and strategy development. 

Cozad’s work at RAND focuses on strategic warning, intelligence analysis, and security issues in Europe and East Asia. In his final assignment in the intelligence community he served as the deputy to the Assistant Deputy Director of National Intelligence for the President’s Daily Brief (PDB). Immediately preceding his assignment to the ODNI, he was the Defense Intelligence Officer for East Asia, the senior intelligence officer on that issue within the Department of Defense.


  • China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi (L) with North Korea's Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong (R) in Naypyidaw, Myanmar, August 10, 2014

    China's North Korean Challenge

    China's North Korea policy seems to suffer from inertia and fear of upsetting the fragile status quo. The enduring goal is to defend Beijing's vital interests by all necessary means. These include preventing domestic insecurity and maintaining a stable buffer state at the gateway to China's political and economic heartland.

    Apr 3, 2015 Lawfare