Rick Garvey

Rick Garvey
Survey Coordinator


B.A. in sociology, University of Puget Sound; M.A. in sociology, California State University-Los Angeles


Rick Garvey (he/his) is a survey coordinator at RAND. With more than 20 years of data collection experience, Garvey has been involved in planning and coordinating both small and large-scale data collection projects in areas of HIV and hepatitis, homelessness, Veterans’ health, criminal justice, adolescent drug use, drug treatment, welfare reform, and surviving trauma. His expertise lies in design and implementation of complex field data collection efforts. Garvey has worked closely with homeless, mental health, juvenile justice, and social service agencies to establish cooperation and negotiate data collection in such settings.  Garvey has managed data collection for the Adolescent Outcomes Project, a longitudinal study of adolescent probationers in Los Angeles County; and the NIDA Homeless Hepatitis project which interviewed and provided hepatitis and HIV testing and referrals to homeless individuals in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. He managed data collection for the longitudinal BRIGHT and BRIGHT 2 projects, investigating the effects of a cognitive behavioral therapy intervention at inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs in Los Angeles County. In addition, he coordinated all aspects of data collection for the CONNECT, AWARE, ENGAGE, and RELATE projects interviewing homeless adolescents in Hollywood, Venice and throughout Los Angeles County including a longitudinal follow-up effort for AWARE which achieved a 92% response rate 3 months after baseline. Currently he is conducting enumerations and interviews with unhoused populations in Venice, Hollywood, and Skid-row as part of the LA LEADS project. Garvey earned his M.A. in sociology from California State University, Los Angeles.

Selected Publications

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Ward, Jason M., Rick Garvey, and Sarah B. Hunter, Recent Trends Among the Unsheltered in Three Los Angeles Neighborhoods: An Interim Report on the Los Angeles Longitudinal Enumeration and Demographic Survey (LA LEADS) Project, RAND Corporation (RR-A1890-1), 2022

Hunter, Sarah B., Benjamin F. Henwood, Rajeev Ramchand, Stephanie Brooks Holliday, and Rick Garvey, Twenty-Six Veterans: A Longitudinal Case Study of Veterans Experiencing Homelessness in Los Angeles, 2019–2020, RAND Corporation (RR-A1320-1), 2021

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