Ruth Harris

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Research Group Director, Defense, Security and Infrastructure, RAND Europe
Cambridge Office


M.A. in defence and security, Kings College London; M.Sc. in conflict prevention and development management, The Open University; M.Sc. in logistics management, Lincoln University; M.Sc. in veterinary physiotherapy, Essex University


Ruth Harris is the research group director for Defence, Security and Infrastructure at RAND Europe, which provides detailed analysis and considered recommendations to support public policy decision-makers in the UK and Europe. Her professional experience spans a wide range of defence and security issues including capacity building, human security and gender related violence, conflict prevention, and conflict related geopolitical analysis, logisitics, air mobility and international relations.

Having served several years in the Armed Forces working on global security issues, she has expertise leading multinational and multidisciplinary teams.  She has work extensively in regions across Africa and the Middle East, on missions with the UN, NATO and African Union, in air mobility operations and the field of humanitarian and disaster relief. She has conducted independent research through a variety of methods in the field of human security, her work has included diplomatic engagement to develop sustainable solutions for disaster recovery and capacity building in conflict torn regions and advancing the agenda of women, peace and security.

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