Angela O'Mahony

Photo of Angela O'Mahony
Senior Political Scientist; Faculty, Pardee RAND Graduate School
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in political science, University of California, San Diego; B.A. in economics, University of California, Los Angeles


Angela O'Mahony is a senior political scientist at the RAND Corporation and a professor at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Her research has focused on how international political, economic and military ties affect policy making. Some of the topics she has examined are the effectiveness of U.S. security cooperation and defense posture, multinational interoperability, the implications of international political and economic scrutiny on governments' decision making, the causes and consequences of transnational political behavior, public support for terrorism, and the role of social media in public policy analysis. From 2003 to 2011, O'Mahony was an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. She received her Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, San Diego.

Recent Projects

  • The Global Landpower Network: Recommendations for Strengthening Army Engagement
  • What are the Trends in Armed Conflicts, and What Do They Mean for U.S. Defense Policy?
  • Priority Challenges for Social and Behavioral Research and its Modeling
  • Considerations for Integrating Women into Closed Occupations in the U.S. Special Operations Forces
  • Assessing Security Cooperation as a Preventive Tool

Selected Publications

Paul K. Davis and Angela O'Mahony, "“Special Issue: Representing Social Science in National-Security-Related Modeling and Simulation," Journal of Defense Modeling and Simulation, 14(1), 2017

Angela O'Mahony, "Political Investment: Remittances and Elections," British Journal of Political Science, 0, 2013

Benjamin Nyblade and Angela O'Mahony, "Migrants’ Remittances and Home Country Elections: Cross-National and Sub-National Evidence," Studies in Comparative and International Development, 49(1), 2014

Angela O'Mahony, "Engineering Good Times: Fiscal Manipulation in a Global Economy," British Journal of Political Science, 41(2), 2011

Susan D. Hyde and Angela O'Mahony, "International Scrutiny and Pre-Electoral Fiscal Manipulation in Developing Countries," Journal of Politics, 72(2), 2010

Benjamin Nyblade and Angela O'Mahony, "Playing with Fire: Pre-Electoral Fiscal Manipulation and the Risk of a Speculative Attack," International Studies Quarterly, 0, 0 (forthcoming)

David A. Lake and Angela O'Mahony, "The Incredible Shrinking State: Explaining Change in the Territorial Size of Countries," Journal of Conflict Resolution, 48(5), 2004

Angela O'Mahony, "Escaping the Ties that Bind: Exchange Rate Choice under Central Bank Independence," Comparative Political Studies, 40(7), 2007

Honors & Awards

  • Silver Medal Award and Innovation Award, RAND