Christopher G. Pernin

Christopher G. Pernin

Director, Engineering and Applied Sciences Department; Senior Physical Scientist

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Chris Pernin (he/him) is director of the Engineering and Applied Sciences Department and a senior physical scientist at the RAND Corporation. Since joining RAND in 1999, Pernin has been involved with or led a wide range of national security and domestic research projects on decisionmaking, institutional reform, acquisition, technology development, and strategic planning for both national and international clients. He has served on various advisory panels throughout his career, including being an ad hoc member of the Army Science Board and member of the Defense Acquisition Research Journal editorial board. Prior to joining RAND, he spent time at Argonne National Laboratory, working on early development of the Advanced Photon Source facility. Pernin received his Ph.D. and M.S. in chemistry from Northwestern University and his B.S. in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.


Ph.D. and M.S. in chemistry, Northwestern University; B.S. in chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Selected Work

  • Pernin, Christopher G., Angela O'Mahony, Gene Germanovich, and Matthew Lane, Chasing Multinational Interoperability: Benefits, Objectives, and Strategies, RAND Corporation (RR-3068-A), 2020
  • Pernin, Christopher G., Jakub P. Hlavka, Matthew E. Boyer, John Gordon IV, Michael Lerario, Jan Osburg, Michael Shurkin, and Daniel C. Gibson, Targeted Interoperability: A New Imperative for Multinational Operations, RAND Corporation (RR-2075-A), 2019
  • Pernin, Christopher G., Elliot Axelband, Jeffrey A. Drezner, Brian Barber Dille, John Gordon IV, Bruce Held, K. Scott McMahon, Walter L. Perry, Christopher Rizzi, Akhil R. Shah, Peter A. Wilson, and Jerry M. Sollinger, Lessons from the Army's Future Combat Systems Program, RAND Corporation (MG-1206-A), 2012
  • Pernin, Christopher G., Edward Wu, Aaron L. Martin, Gregory Midgette, and Brendan See, Efficiencies from Applying a Rotational Equipping Strategy, RAND Corporation (MG-1092-A), 2011
  • Schank, John F., Christopher G. Pernin, Mark V. Arena, and Susan K. Woodward, Controlling the Cost of C4I Upgrades on Naval Ships, RAND Corporation (MG-907-NAVY), 2009
  • Pernin, Christopher G., Katherine Comanor, Lance Menthe, Louis R. Moore, and Tim Andersen, Allocation of Forces, Fires, and Effects Using Genetic Algorithms, RAND Corporation (TR-423-A), 2008
  • Pernin, Christopher G., Louis R. Moore, and Katherine Comanor, The Knowledge Matrix Approach to Intelligence Fusion, RAND Corporation (TR-416-A), 2007
  • Lempert, Robert J., Parry Norling, Christopher G. Pernin, Susan A. Resetar, and Sergej Mahnovski, Next Generation Environmental Technologies: Benefits and Barriers, RAND Corporation (MR-1682-OSTP), 2003

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