Ellen M. Pint

Ellen M. Pint
Senior Economist


Ph.D. in economic analysis and policy, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University


Ellen M. Pint is a senior economist at RAND with over 30 years of experience in defense and homeland security economics issues. Her recent work includes evaluating technology investments for Customs and Border Protection; identifying best practices for Army installation facility recapitalization; comparing the costs and benefits of frangible ammunition for the Department of Homeland Security; analyzing alternative strategies for improving Army barracks; and evaluating alternative price and credit policies for depot-level reparables. Pint has also conducted research on Army reserve component training and personnel readiness, recruiting and retention; industrial base and infrastructure issues, the effects of equipment age on maintenance costs, logistics budgeting and financial management policies, and outsourcing and privatization of support functions. Pint received a Ph.D. in Business (Economic Analysis and Policy) from Stanford University in 1989.

Selected Publications

Wilson, Bradley, Ellen M. Pint, Elizabeth Hastings Roer, Emily Ellinger, Fabian Villalobos, Mark Stalczynski, Jonathan L. Brosmer, Annie Brothers, and Elliott Grant, Characterizing the Uncrewed Systems Industrial Base, RAND Corporation (RR-A1474-1), 2023

Bond, Craig A., Ellen M. Pint, Stephan B. Seabrook, and Christina Panis, Soldier Preferences and Retention Effects of Changes in Army Reserve Training Requirements: An Exploration of Revealed and Stated Behavior, RAND Corporation (RR-A750-1), 2021

Vasseur, Michael, Ellen M. Pint, Laura H. Baldwin, Maria McCollester, Max Steiner, Liam Regan, and Liam McLane, Independent Evaluation of the Transportation Working Capital Fund: Assessment and Recommendations to Improve Effectiveness and Efficiency, RAND Corporation (RR-A886-1), 2021

Vasseur, Michael, Ellen M. Pint, Laura H. Baldwin, Max Steiner, Liam Regan, and Liam McLane, Implementing Variable Cost Pricing in the Transportation Working Capital Fund, RAND Corporation (RR-A886-2), 2021

Pint, Ellen M., Beth E. Lachman, Katherine Anania, and Connor P. Jackson, Improving the Allocation and Execution of Army Facility Sustainment Funding, RAND Corporation (RR-3240-A), 2020

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