Ellen M. Pint

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Senior Economist
Santa Monica Office


Ph.D. in economic analysis and policy, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University


Ellen M. Pint is a senior economist at RAND with over 25 years of experience in defense economics issues. She is currently working on studies identifying strategic gaps in the Army's force projection processes and analyzing the costs of the Transportation Security Administration's security threat assessment programs. Other recent work includes a Congressionally mandated study of U.S. space launch locations; evaluating home station mobilization options for the Army's reserve component units in the Pacific; the effects of changes in training requirements on retention of Army Reserve soldiers; and examining the Army's allocation of installation facility sustainment funding. Pint has also conducted research on Army reserve component training and personnel readiness, recruiting and retention; industrial base and infrastructure issues, the effects of equipment age on maintenance costs, logistics budgeting and financial management policies, and outsourcing and privatization of support functions. Pint received a Ph.D. in Business (Economic Analysis and Policy) from Stanford University in 1989.

Recent Projects

  • Mobilization and Power Projection
  • Fee Analysis for TSA Vetting Programs, Phase II
  • FY19 NDAA Sec 1618 Space Launch Locations Study
  • Evaluation of Home Station Mobilization Options
  • Breaking Point: The Effect of Operationalizing the Army Reserve on Drilling Reservists

Selected Publications

Drake Warren, Heather Krull, Jennifer Lamping Lewis, Aisha Najera Chesler, Ellen M. Pint, J. Michael Gilmore, Assessment of Alternative Funding Models for Activities in RDECOM (now CCDC) and ATEC, (RR-2818-A), 2020

Joslyn Fleming, Ellen M. Pint, Jessica Duke, Simon Veronneau, Austin Lewis, Jordan R. Reimer, Right-Sizing Marine Corps Intermediate Supply Units: A Staffing Model and Proposed Process Improvements, (RR-2908-USMC), 2019

Ellen M. Pint, Joslyn Fleming, Gene Germanovich, Luke Muggy, Addressing Ballistic Glass Delamination in the Marine Corps Tactical Vehicle Fleet, RAND (RR-2285-USMC), 2018

James Powers, Guy Weichenberg, Abby Doll, Thomas Goughnour, Thomas Light, Mark Lorell, Ellen Pint, Soumen Saha, Fred Timson, Thomas Whitmore, Robert Guffey, F-35 Block Buy: An Assessment of Potential Savings, RAND Corporation (RR-2063-AF), 2018

Ellen M. Pint, Beth E. Lachman, Jeremy M. Eckhause, Steven Deane-Shinbrot, Army Installation Rail Operations: Implications of Increased Outsourcing, RAND Corporation (RR-2009-A), 2017

Ellen M. Pint, Christopher M. Schnaubelt, Stephen Dalzell, Jaime L. Hastings, Penelope Speed, Michael G. Shanley, Review of Army Total Force Policy Implementation, RAND Corporation (RR-1958-A), 2017

Jeffrey Wenger, Ellen M. Pint, Tepring Piquado, Michael Shanley, Trinidad Beleche, Melissa Bradley, Jonathan Welch, Laura Werber, Cate Yoon, Eric Duckworth, Nicole Curtis, Helping Soldiers Leverage Army Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Civilian Jobs, Rand Corporation (RR-1719-A), 2017

Edward G. Keating, Ellen M. Pint, Christina Panis, Michael H. Powell, Sarah H. Bana, Defense Working Capital Fund Pricing in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service: A Useful, but Limited, Tool, RAND Corporation (RR-866-OSD), 2015

Honors & Awards

  • Medal for Exceptional Public Service, 2008, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • Board of Directors, 2007-2010, Western Economic Association International
  • Rhodes Scholarship, 1982-84, Rhodes Trust