Stephen M. Worman

Stephen M. Worman
Codirector, RAND Center for Gaming; Political Scientist


Ph.D. in public and international affairs, University of Pittsburgh; M.A. in strategic studies, Johns Hopkins University; B.A. in political science, Quinnipiac University


Stephen M. Worman is co-director of the RAND Center for Gaming and a political scientist at RAND. He has designed and led games focusing on a wide range of operational and strategic challenges, including force development, escalation dynamics, air and missile defense, and economic competition. He has also conducted a wide range of other research on topics such as allies and partners contributions to U.S. defense goals, gaming as a research methodology, grand strategy, organizational challenges facing the U.S. Navy, and overseas basing of U.S. forces. Prior to returning to RAND, he was pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh, and is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.