Is ExpertLens Right for Me?

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ExpertLens is the right system for you if your goals are to:

  1. Understand the thinking of a large number of individuals with different perspectives on a particular issue and identify the reasons for disagreement.
  2. Collect information quickly and cost effectively by engaging participants in an iterative process without spending time and money scheduling phone or face-to-face meetings.
  3. Benefit from the expertise of individuals, regardless of their geographic location, who have interest, training, and/or experience in a number of areas related to the issue at hand.
  4. Ensure diversity among participants without being afraid that heterogeneous groups may not be able to reach consensus.
  5. Minimize the burden on participants by ensuring that participation is convenient and the data collection tool is intuitive and user-friendly.
  6. Encourage individuals to share their perspectives openly and learn about alternative approaches—without being influenced by the social status of other participants.
  7. Automatically analyze rating data using the analytic approach described in the RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method User’s Manual.
  8. Engage patients and their representatives to develop clinical guidelines using the RAND/PPMD Patient-Centeredness Method (RPM).
  9. Combine relevant quantitative and qualitative data in a seamless way.

Specific Advantages to Using ExpertLens

Online surveys and face-to-face meetings are two common alternatives to ExpertLens. See for yourself how they compare to ExpertLens.

Features Online Surveys Group Meetings ExpertLensTM
Participants can answer questions check check check
Participation does not require traveling to a centralized location check   check
Participants' answers are analyzed automatically check   check
Each participant sees how his/her own answers compare to those of others     check
Participants can discuss group's answers   check check
Discussions can be moderated   check check
Discussions can be made anonymous     check
Discussions can be made asynchronous     check
Participants can change their answers after a group discussion   check check
Engagement of international participants does not increase costs check   check
Studies can be initiated quickly with minimum startup cost and participant burden check   check

As you can see, ExpertLens offers both anonymity and ease of use to your participants, and it's also cost effective and easy to administer for you.