ExpertLens Team

Dmitry Khodyakov

Dmitry Khodyakov (Ph.D., Rutgers University) is the leader of the ExpertLens team. He is one of the original developers of ExpertLens. Trained as a sociologist, Khodyakov specializes in both quantitative and qualitative research methodology. He conducted numerous ExpertLens studies, funded by government agencies (National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, European Commission, Public Health England), foundations (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), and for-profit organizations (Merck & Co). Results of his research projects that used ExpertLens system and methodology have been published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Health Expectations, BMC Medical Research Methodology, and International Journal for Quality in Health Care.

Sean Grant (DPhil, University of Oxford) is a member of the ExpertLens team. As a social/behavioral scientist at RAND, he is interested in evaluating psychosocial interventions and advancing the rigor of intervention research methods. Grant's substantive interests are principally in the area of alcohol and other drug use, though he is passionate about applying experimental and research synthesis methods to topics spanning the social and behavioral sciences. He is currently part of a team developing a new reporting guideline for randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of social and psychological interventions: CONSORT-SPI. He is an expert on stakeholder engagement and consensus methodology program evaluation, and systematic reviews on methodological and health-related topics.

Doug Yeung

Douglas Yeung (Ph.D., Rutgers University) is a member of the ExpertLens team. As a social psychologist at RAND, Yeung is an expert on social media and online technologies. In particular, his research examines online professional communities and explores workforce attitudes, organizational knowledge–sharing, and professional information searching and sharing behaviors. He is also an expert on sentiment analyses of social media and has recently conducted research on the impact of new technologies (e.g., mobile devices, Facebook, Skype) on military mental health. Before coming to RAND, Yeung was a product analyst at Oracle; he also helped to create a mobile application that was a grand prize winner in Google's first Android Developer Challenge.

Marika Booth

Marika Booth (M.S., Biostatistics, University of California, Los Angeles) is a lead statistician of the ExpertLens team. As a Statistical Analyst in the Statistical Research and Consulting Group at RAND Corporation, she specializes in the analyses of data collected using RAND/UCLA Appropriateness Method, a modified-Delphi technique used to determine consensus among experts. Booth also has 14 years of experience working at the Southern California Evidence Based Practice Center, where she directs its statistical team.

Emily Dao (B.S., Computer Engineering, University of California, Irvine) is an administrator of the ExpertLens panels and an RMS Database Programmer for RAND's Survey Research Group. She has knowledge of Python, C, Java, SQL, and VBA.

David Zhang (M.A., University of Washington) is a research software engineer at RAND Corporation and a developer for the ExpertLens application. Prior to joining RAND, Zhang worked with health-related survey software for over two years. He is proficient in PHP, SQL, Javascript, Java, and Ruby.