Samantha E. DiNicola

Photo of Samantha DiNicola
Policy Analyst
Washington Office


MA in industrial/organizational psychology, George Mason University; BA in psychology, Loyola University Maryland


Samantha E. DiNicola is a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. She is an industrial/organizational psychologist specializing in a variety of personnel, workforce, and talent management issues, with particular interest in assisting military organizations to determine the best alignment, leadership functions, and workforce-oriented programs (including benefits, well-being initiatives, etc.) to run effectively and efficiently. DiNicola's experience includes a variety of projects for the U.S. Air Force, Office of the Secretary of Defense, and other defense organizations, as well as some work related to education. Her skills include project management, qualitative analysis, written and verbal communication, survey design, and complex travel, event, and cross-project coordination.

Recent Projects

  • NSI Summative Evaluation: Networks and Intermediaries
  • Support to the DoD Cyber Workforce Zero-Based Review
  • Air Force Materiel Command Capabilities Assessment
  • Air Force Science and Technology Strategy Human Capital Support
  • Analysis of DoD Senior Officer Adverse and Reportable Information Reporting Practices

Selected Publications

Samantha E. DiNicola, Shirley M. Ross, Brandon Crosby, Rebecca Jensen, Irina A. Chindea, and Susan G. Straus, An Evaluation of Task Force True North Initiatives for the Promotion of Resilience and Well-Being Within the Air Force, RAND Corporation (RR-3190-AF), 2020

Sean Robson, Bonnie L. Triezenberg, Samantha E. DiNicola, Lindsey Polley, John S. Davis II, and Maria C. Lytell, Software Acquisition Workforce Initiative for the Department of Defense: Initial Competency Development and Preparation for Validation, RAND Corporation (RR-3145-OSD), 2020

Ginger Groeber, Kirsten M. Keller, Philip Armour, Samantha E. DiNicola, Irina A. Chindea, Brandon Crosby, Ellen E. Tunstall, and Shreyas Bharadwaj, Department of the Air Force Civilian Compensation and Benefits: How Five Mission Critical and Hard-to-Fill Occupations Compare to the Private Sector and Key Federal Agencies, RAND Corporation (RR-A334-1), 2021

Ginger Groeber, Paul W. Mayberry, Brandon Crosby, Mark Doboga, Samantha E. DiNicola, Caitlin Lee, and Ellen E. Tunstall, Federal Civilian Workforce Hiring, Recruitment, and Related Compensation Practices for the Twenty-First Century: Review of Federal HR Demonstration Projects and Alternative Personnel Systems to Identify Best Practices and Lessons Learned, RAND Corporation (RR-3168-OSD), 2020

Shirley M. Ross, Rebecca Herman, Irina A. Chindea, Samantha E. DiNicola, and Amy Grace Donohue, Optimizing the Contributions of Air Force Civilian STEM Workforce, RAND Corporation (RR-4234-AF), 2020

Rebecca Herman, Samantha E. DiNicola, Charles P. Armentrout, and Shirley M. Ross, Improving 21st Century Skills in the U.S. Air Force, RAND Corporation (PE-275-AF), 2019