Marta Kepe

Marta Kepe
Senior Defense Analyst
Washington Office


M.A. in security studies, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service


Marta Kepe is a senior defense analyst at the RAND Corporation. Her research interests include defence policy and planning, defence industry and technology, national resilience, civilian-based resistance, unconventional warfare, and NATO and EU cooperation, European and transatlantic security, and Russia. She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Prior to joining the RAND Corporation, she worked for RAND Europe, the Latvian Ministry of Defence, NATO Advisory Team in Kosovo, the United Nations and the National War College.

She received her M.A. in security studies from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

Recent Projects

  • Exploring Europe’s capability requirements for 2035 and beyond
  • Opportunities for European collaboration in armoured vehicles
  • Strategic Exercise for the Arctic region
  • Defence and security after Brexit: Understanding the possible implications of the UK's decision to leave the EU

Selected Publications

Binnendijk, Anika, Marta Kepe, Civilian-Based Resistance in the Baltic States: Historical Precedents and Current Capabilities, RAND Corporation (RR-A198-3), 2021

Marta Kepe, James Black, Jack Melling, Jessica Plumridge, Exploring Europe's Capability Requirements for 2035 and Beyond, European Defense Agency (EP-6656), 2018

Kepe, Marta, Richard Flint, and Julia Muravska, Future collaboration opportunities for light and medium multirole helicopters in Europe, RAND Corporation (RR-3034-EDA), 2019

Posard, Marek N., Marta Kepe, Hilary Reininger, James V. Marrone, Todd C. Helmus, and Jordan R. Reimer, From Consensus to Conflict: Understanding Foreign Measures Targeting U.S. Elections, RAND Corporation (RR-A704-1), 2020

Stephen J. Flanagan, Jan Osburg, Anika Binnendijk, Marta Kepe, Andrew Radin, Deterring Russian Aggression in the Baltic States Through Resilience and Resistance, RAND Corporation (RR-2779), 2019

Honors & Awards

  • 2023 Irregular Warfare Initiative Fellow, Irregular Warfare Initiative - Modern War Institute and Empirical Studies of Conflict
  • 2022 RAND Innovation Spotlight Award, RAND