Michael Schwille

Michael Schwille
Full Policy Researcher


M.A. in international development studies, George Washington University; B.A. in history, University of Pittsburgh


Mike Schwille is a political scientist at RAND. His primary research interest focuses on the integration of information into combined arms warfare. He has experience with Joint, Army and Marine Corps concept development, Operations in the Information Environment, countering A2AD strategies, strategic workforce analysis and force development. While at RAND, he has led NSRD and Arroyo projects relating to Information Operations Intelligence Integration, the creation of the Army’s Information concept, and tactically focused Information Operations. He also has intelligence community and military experience focusing on target development, mapping social and cultural networks, and building partner capacity. He is qualified as a Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Information Operations Army Reservist that has deployed multiple times with the US Army to the Middle East and Africa. He earned his M.A. in international development studies from George Washington University.

Concurrent Non-RAND Positions

15th Psychological Operations Battalion Commander