Elaine Lin Wang

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Policy Researcher
Pittsburgh Office


Ph.D. in learning sciences and policy, University of Pittsburgh; M.A. in curriculum, teaching, and learning, University of Toronto; B.Ed. in secondary English and French education, University of British Columbia; B.A. in English and French, University of British Columbia

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Elaine Lin Wang (she/her) is a policy researcher at the RAND Corporation. Her primary research interest concerns instructional systems in K–12 education settings, especially with a focus on literacy/English language arts (ELA). Instructional systems include at its core curriculum, professional learning, student assessments, and other structures and policies that influence instruction and student outcomes. Wang has (co-)led projects that: identify and measure aspects of instruction and interactions that support personalized and student-centered learning; examine educators' perceptions of instructional materials; aim to develop an automated writing evaluation system to support young student's writing development. She also researches the development of school leaders. Wang specializes in using qualitative and case study methods to examine relationships between instruction and student learning outcomes, and to understand factors that facilitate or pose challenges for policy or program implementation. Wang received her Ph.D. in the learning sciences and policy program, with a minor in research methodology, from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to pursuing her graduate studies, Wang taught high school English for nine years.

Recent Projects

  • Effectiveness Replication of Enhanced Core Reading Instruction (ECRI)
  • Understanding and Supporting Coherent Instructional Systems
  • Characteristics of Coherent Instructional Systems and Their Relationship to Outcomes for Black, Latino, English Learner-Designated and Low-Income Students
  • Evaluation of the University Principal Preparation Initiative
  • Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students’ Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale

Selected Publications

Wang, Elaine Lin, Daniel Silver, Morgan Polikoff, Ashley Woo, Julia H. Kaufman, Allyson D. Gittens, and Isabel Clay, English Language Arts Instructional Systems in the First Full Year of COVID-19, RAND Corporation (RR-A279-2), 2022

Wang, Elaine Lin, Andrea Prado Tuma, Sy Doan, Daniella Henry, Rebecca Ann Lawrence, Ashley Woo, and Julia H. Kaufman, Teachers' Perceptions of What Makes Instructional Materials Engaging, Appropriately Challenging, and Usable: A Survey and Interview Study, RAND Corporation (RR-A134-2), 2021

Polikoff, Morgan, Elaine Lin Wang, Shira Korn Haderlein, Julia H. Kaufman, Ashley Woo, Daniel Silver, and V. Darleen Opfer, Exploring Coherence in English Language Arts Instructional Systems in the Common Core Era, RAND Corporation (RR-A279-1), 2020

Wang, E.L., Matsumura, L.C., Correnti, R., Litman, D., Zhang, H., Howe, E., Magooda, A., & Quintana, R., "eRevis(ing): Students’ revision of text evidence use in an automated writing evaluation system," Assessing Writing, 44, 2020

Wang, Elaine Lin, Rosanna Smart, Understanding and Using Research on Gun Policy in America: An Interdisciplinary Unit Plan Based on RAND's Gun Policy in America Website, Suggested Grades 10–12, RAND Corporation (TL-A243-1), 2020

Wang, Elaine Lin, Heather L. Schwartz, Monica Mean, Laura Stelitano, and Benjamin K. Master, Putting Professional Learning to Work: What Principals Do with Their Executive Development Program Learning, RAND Corporation (RR-3082-DOED), 2019

Wang, Elaine Lin, Susan M. Gates, Rebecca Herman, Monica Mean, Rachel Perera, Tiffany Berglund, Katie Whipkey, and Megan Andrew, Launching a Redesign of University Principal Preparation Programs: Partners Collaborate for Change, RAND Corporation (RR-2612-WF), 2018

Augustine, Catherine H., John Engberg, Geoffrey E. Grimm, Emma Lee, Elaine Lin Wang, Karen Christianson, and Andrea A. Joseph, Can Restorative Practices Improve School Climate and Curb Suspensions? An Evaluation of the Impact of Restorative Practices in a Mid-Sized Urban School District, RAND Corporation (RR-2840-DOJ), 2018


French; Mandarin