Shira H. Fischer

Shira H. Fischer

Physician Policy Researcher

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Shira Fischer is a physician policy researcher at RAND. Her research focuses on health information technology research and policy. She coleads a large NIH-funded grant exploring innovations in emergency room care at the start of the pandemic, exploring both dissemination and implementation of innovations. She is also working with AHRQ and ASPE to expand data collection on the economic impacts of medical care. She has led four papers on the uptake of telehealth in the wake of COVID-19 and published another on use of poison call center data to track behavioral health needs. She has done work for HHS on entry-level workforce in health care and on the evidence base for Project ECHO, an effort in which specialists use videoconferencing to train generalists to increase access and capacity in health care.

Fischer holds a Ph.D. in clinical and population health research and an M.D. from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, an M.S.Sc. in clinical informatics from Harvard Medical School, and a B.A. in biochemistry from Harvard College. She also holds an academic appointment at Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital.


M.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School; Ph.D. in clinical and population health research, University of Massachusetts Medical School; M.S.Sc. in clinical informatics, Harvard Medical School; B.A. in biochemical sciences, Harvard College

Selected Work

  • Fischer SH, Landis RK, Acosta JD, Faherty LJ., "Changes in Poison Center Calls for Intentional Exposure During Public Health Emergencies: COVID-19 and Winter Storm Uri in Dallas County, Texas," Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 2023
  • Fischer SH, Shih RA, McMullen TL, et al., "Standardized assessment of medication reconciliation in post-acute care," J Am Geriatr Soc, 2022
  • Predmore Z, Fischer S, "Electronic Health Data Quality and Population Health Management Algorithms," Popul Health Manag, 2021
  • Fischer SH, Rose AJ, McBain RK, Faherty LJ, Sousa J, Martineau M, Evaluation of Technology-Enabled Collaborative Learning and Capacity Building Models: Materials for a Report to Congress, RAND Corporation (RR-2934), 2019
  • Fischer SH, Uscher-Pines L, Roth E, Breslau J, "The Transition to Telehealth during the First Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from a National Sample of Patients," JGIM, 2021
  • Fischer S, Rose A, "Responsible e-Prescribing Needs e-Discontinuation," JAMA, 2017
  • Uscher-Pines L, Fischer S, Chari R., "The Promise of Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth for Disaster Response and Recovery. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine," Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 2016
  • Fischer, S. H., Tjia, J. and Field, T. S., "Impact of Health Information Technology Interventions to Improve Medication Laboratory Monitoring for Ambulatory Patients: A Systematic Review," J Am Med Inform Assoc, 17(6), 2010

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