NATO's 75th Anniversary Summit in Washington RAND Expert Commentary Series

The NATO flag, photo by Kacper Pempel/Reuters

Photo by Kacper Pempel/Reuters

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization's July 9–11 summit in Washington, D.C., marks NATO's 75th anniversary. The meeting also finds the alliance confronting a historic moment, navigating both promise and peril.

How can NATO reinforce defense and deterrence, especially on its eastern flank, and how can Western countries continue to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression? What's the best way for NATO to incorporate the capabilities of its newest members, Finland and Sweden? And what should the alliance consider when it comes to emerging technologies, climate change, and other possible game changers?

With leaders from 32 NATO countries converging on Washington, RAND researchers are exploring these important strategic questions and more in a series of commentaries that shed light on what could be an inflection point for the most successful military alliance in history.

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