Lucy Strang

Lucy Strang
Research Leader


M.S.Sc. in applied anthropology and participatory development, Australian National University; L.L.B., Australian National University; B.A. in English and history, Australian National University

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Lucy Strang is a research leader at RAND Europe, focusing on criminal justice, public health and drug policy research. She has extensive experience in conducting evaluation of government programmes, particularly relating to vulnerable groups in the criminal justice system. She is currently leading three process evaluations for the Ministry of Justice on drug testing in prisons and Incentivised Substance Free Living Units. She is also leading a study for the Ministry of Justice on the use of out of court disposals for adults with health vulnerabilities and is a co-investigator for an NIHR grant to evaluation the implementation of the Treatment and Recovery Portfolio of the UK Government's 10-year drug strategy. Strang received her M.S.Sc. in applied anthropology and participatory development from Australian National University.

Selected Publications

Jirka Taylor, Lucy Strang, Kristy Kruithof, Beau Kilmer, Fook Nederveen, Emma Disley, Lisa Wagner, Jörg-Martin Jehle, Comparison of Criminal History Information Systems in the United States and Other Countries, U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, 2021

Strang, L. & Simmons, R., Citizen Science: Crowdsourcing for systematic reviews, THIS (RR-2426), 2018

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Strang, Lucy, Miriam Broeks, Maternity leave policies: Trade-offs between labour market demands and health benefits for children, RAND Corporation (RR-1734), 2016

Kruithof, Kristy, Matthew Davies, Emma Disley, Lucy Strang, and Kei Ito, Study on Alternatives to Coercive Sanctions as Response to Drug Law Offences and Drug-Related Crimes: Final Report, Publications Office of the European Union (EP-66607), 2016