Gun Policy Research Publications

The research behind the RAND Gun Policy in America initiative is fully documented in several peer-reviewed research products. These include the methods and results from RAND's comprehensive review of studies examining the effects of gun policies, and analysis of the results from a survey of gun policy experts about the likely effects of gun laws. To help advance research on the effects of state gun policies, the RAND team also developed a new data set of state laws and their variants from 1979 to 2016, along with a brief paper documenting the methods behind the database. In addition, the team published a short technical report analyzing the methods and findings from a study of U.S. gun legislation and firearm mortality.

In 2020, the research review was updated to include evidence from more-recent studies and expanded to include studies dating back to 1995. Five new classes of gun policies were also examined. RAND has also developed state-level estimates of household firearm ownership from 1980 to 2016.