RAND Statistics Group Staff Bios

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Denis Agniel

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Biostatistics; multiple outcomes; big data; informatics; resampling; multiple hypothesis testing; model selection; diverse data types; longitudinal data; semiparametric and nonparametric methods

Lane Burgette

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Bayesian statistics; multinomial probit models; selection and switching models; latent factor quantile regression; imputation techniques for missing data; quantile regression; and data confidentiality.

Marika Booth

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Meta-analysis, Statistical programming, Statistics in health, GIS

Maria DeYoreo

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Bayesian statistics, Bayesian nonparametrics, hierarchical modeling, missing data, regression modeling, dynamic distributions


Marc Elliott

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Sampling and survey methodology; estimation of health disparities, quality measurement, experimental design; case-mix adjustment and survey mode effects

Lionel A. Galway

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Modeling and simulation, statistical analysis methodology

Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar

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Applied statistics, multiple imputation, non-response, multilevel models, survey design and analysis

Thomas Goode

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Statistical analysis, statistical programming, nonparametric modeling, regression analysis, survival analysis, time series analysis, epidemiology

Beth Ann Griffin

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Causal inference, policy evaluation, machine learning, longitudinal data analysis

Ann Haas

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Data analysis, education and health applications

Gabriel Hassler

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Big data, biology and life sciences, COVID-19, data science, epidemics, genetics, infections diseases, machine learning, mathematics, statistical analysis methodology.

Katrin Hambarsoomian

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Data imputation, weighting, longitudinal analysis, case-mix adjustment


David Klein

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Biostatistics; statistical programming; health applications


Lou Mariano

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Regression discontinuity; propensity scoring; experimental and quasi-experimental design; Bayesian methods; item response theory; hierarchical modeling; cross-classified models

Megan Mathews

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Databases and data collection, analysis, and processing; health care quality measurement; statistical analysis methodology

Elie Ohana

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Regression modeling, propensity scoring, survey analysis, psychometrics, item response theory


Jessica Randazzo

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Survival analysis, causal inference, survey design and analysis, longitudinal methods; machine learning; mapping and spatial analysis

Michael Robbins

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Econometric models, economic analysis methodology, exploratory modeling, forecasting methodology, linear programming, program evaluation, regression analysis, robust decision making, statistical analysis methodology, survey research methodology

Dorothy Seaman

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Program evaluation; instrumental variables and regression discontinuity methods; multilevel models; longitudinal data, imputation methods, and prediction and analysis of latent traits

Claude Setodji

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Non-parametric modeling, clustering and analysis of observational data, sufficient (variable) dimension reduction and its applications

Flora Sheng

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Regression analysis, difference-in-difference analysis, trend analysis, inverse probability weighting, latent change score, claims data, quality of care, Medicare, Medicaid, opioid, HIV, obesity, smoking and tobacco control, ADHD

Mary Ellen Slaughter

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Applied regression, categorical data analysis, survival analysis, epidemiology, statistical programming, cost-effectiveness, health care databases, geographic information systems

Joshua Snoke

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Privacy, statistics, machine learning, differential privacy, synthetic, estimation

Anagha Tolpadi

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Databases and data collection; analysis and processing; survey research methodology; statistical analysis methodology; case-mix adjustment; health care quality measurement