Educational Equity


Educational equity is fair and just access to the support and resources necessary to achieve a student's full academic and social potential. RAND research has examined the benefits of and access to early childhood education; education inequities that intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic; teaching students with disabilities; anti-bias education in U.S. schools; and the education challenges that immigrants and refugees face.

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    The Impact of COVID-19 on Prison Education

    During the COVID-19 pandemic many correctional systems ceased or substantially cut back on education and workforce training programs. As late as 2023, instruction continued to be interrupted because of new outbreaks and staff shortages. Will prison education programs recover in the long term?

    Apr 24, 2024

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    Math Teachers' Efforts Can Really Add Up

    Uneven access to high-quality mathematics education has been a persistent challenge for American public schools. Teachers wield incredible influence in leveling the playing field in math class—and in helping students achieve their full potential.

    Mar 19, 2024

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